Kuntal Roy is a young talented tabla player from India. Despite coming from a non-musical family and growing up in rural Bengal, he was initiated into tabla at an early age by Sri Narayan Chandra Haldar, a local tabla teacher from his village. He continued his study under Sri Radha Raman Nath, a senior disciple of Pandit Anindo Chatterjee from 1984, a year after he was accepted in Rama Krishna Mission, Rahara (a suburban town of Kolkata) for his academic studies. In the quest of furthering his knowledge, Kuntal became a disciple of the legendary tabla player and teacher Pandit Shankar Ghosh in 1991. He also receives frequent talim on tala layakari and concept of South Indian Rhythm from his guruji’s son, Sri Bikram Ghosh.

Melody, clarity and precision are some of the characteristics of Kuntal’s playing. Although early in his pursuit of professional performances, Kuntal has already given a number of solo as well as accompaniment performances with vocal and instrumental music on the stage in India and abroad. He has participated in percussion ensembles composed and directed by Sri Bikram Ghosh. He recently was on a highly successful concert tour of The United States of America providing tabla accompaniment to the renowned sitarist Gaurav Mazumdar in Fall of 2006. They received high accolades for their performances from appreciative audiences in venues such as Seattle, Spokane, Boise, Portland, and Cornell University among others. They have also appeared on the National Television in India. He has also accompanied notable artists including Smt. Suranjana Bose and Pandit Nayan Ghosh in concerts. He also teaches tabla to a number of students and conducts workshops.

Kuntal possesses a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from Calcutta University.


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